About Us

Totally Casual Outdoor Furniture is a premier outdoor furniture retailer located in Cape May Court, NJ. Totally Casual Outdoor Furniture partners with top-of-the-line outdoor furniture manufacturers to offer the best quality furniture at the best prices around. Our team works to combine durability and aesthetics when finding the perfect outdoor furniture for you.

Quality Is Our Goal
Totally Casual Outdoor Furniture partners with the best manufacturers in the industry to offer quality products at low prices. We understand that outdoor furniture must be durable to survive the elements. Our manufacturers only use premium materials when making their outdoor furniture sets to make sure the product lasts. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Design Is Key
At Totally Casual Outdoor Furniture, we work with you to find the colors and design that will work best with your home or business. We understand comfort and durability is important, but design is a major element of Totally Casual Outdoor Furniture. Our team of design experts will find the perfect outdoor furniture set that will beautifully complement your home or business.

Some of our great manufacturers include:

Windward Design Group
King Casual
Fiberbuilt Umbrellas
Treasure Garden Umbrellas
Casual Comfort

For more information on our products or services, please call us at (609) 465-7370.